Bookkeeper & Accountant Certification

Become A Certified RBC PayEdge Wizard Today!

Welcome to the RBC PayEdge Certification Program for Bookkeepers & Accountants!

We are excited to get you started! In order to become a RBC PayEdge Wizard you will be required to complete a short certification process. The curriculum will take approximately 60-90 minutes to complete. The program consists of a series of videos, followed by multiple choice questions at the end of each video.

NOTE: in order to be considered for Wizardry status, you must have a quiz score of 75% or greater AND have viewed 90% of the video content. You can re-take the certification should you be unsuccessful in your first attempt.

Go ahead, get started today and in no time we will be calling you a RBC PayEdge Wizard!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know when I have completed the course?
Upon completion of the certification course, the status bar will show as "100% Complete". RBC PayEdge will be automatically notified that you have completed the course curriculum. We will then review your quiz scoring and video observance (to ensure a passing grade) and contact you directly via email with the results of your certification.
Is there a certain grade I must obtain in the certification in order to be considered a Wizard?
Yes. Each of the lectures in the course curriculum contains a video and a series of multiple choice questions. In order to become a certified Wizard you must correctly answer 75% of the quiz questions and view a minimum of 90% of the videos. When you have completed the course it will show as "100% Complete" in the completion status bar. RBC PayEdge will then grade your quiz and review your video observance. We will contact you directly (via email) with the result of your certification.
My firm is quite small. Does it make sense to become a RBC PayEdge Wizard?
Absolutely it does. RBC PayEdge supports firms of all shapes and sizes - from solopreneurs to firms with 1000’s of employees. We believe that having access to tools that support the growth of your firm should not be a question of employee head count. We are proud to serve firms of all sizes!

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